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Happy birthday! You're a doll.

Happy birthday! You're a doll.


Show them just how special they are on their birthday! Each candle is gift wrapped and sent with a custom message from you.


Pick from four scents: 

  • Magnolia + Honeysuckle: A combination of magnolia, honeysuckle, and oak. Expect a balanced floral scent.
  • Hibiscus: A combination of hibiscus, ylang ylang, jasmine, palm fronds, bamboo, and geranium, with a base of sandalwood. Expect a lush and seductive scent.
  • Cactus Flower + Jade: A combination of cactus flower, chrysanthemum, sweet agave, fresh cut green leaves, and patchouli. Expect a bright and lively scent.
  • Tobacco + Barnwood: A combination of bergamot tobacco, grounded with a base of barnwood. Expect a relaxing and masculine scent. 
  • Cedarwood + Vanilla: A combination of grounded vanilla, with earthy cedarwood, oak, and moss. Expect a fragrance that is both warm and sophisticated.
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